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When her lifeless body was found in a Minnow Lake motel in 2010, the conclusion of police was the 22-year-old had accidentally OD'd.

Her family, however, has always suspected more was going on, as Jalbert had earlier fled a sex-work situation and feared a pair of men who were hounding her, according to her mom.

(Getty Images) But one year after pre-exposure prophylaxis, or Pr EP, was approved by Health Canada, Toronto Public Health is concerned the drug provides a false sense of invincibility for some users that could contribute to the city's rising rates for other sexually transmitted infections."People on Pr EP …

could be more likely to acquire STIs because they may not be using condoms," Dr.

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"I don't know if Meagan is alive and being trafficked in some part of the country, or if she's dead." Martel is speaking at a meeting of Angels of Hope, an awareness and advocacy group that formed last year to counter the commercial sexual exploitation of young Sudbury women.

This type of human trafficking is what Angels of Hope founder Cristina Scarpellini calls a "ghost crime," for its hidden nature and the slipperiness of its largely male perpetrators.

The same data set also indicates that the number of HIV cases remained stable, declining slightly from 338 to 335.

We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.

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