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- To adopt Harm Reduction Approach through outreach service at gathering places or treatment and rehabilitation agencies of Chinese drug abusers.

- To train ex-drug abusers to be peer educators to render one-on-one AIDS prevention education.

“Body-Mind- Spirit Approach” is adopted as the intervention model to provide holistic care to target service users.

- To provide AIDS and Blood Borne Diseases prevention and education services for the Inmates under custody of Correctional Service Department and Immigration Department.

GENERAL AUDIENCE 6 FEBRUARYOn Wednesday, 6 February, the Holy Father delivered the following address to the faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall for the General Audience.

Let us continue the examination of that beginning, which Jesus referred to in his talk with the Pharisees on the subject of marriage.

This reflection requires us to go beyond the threshold of man's history and arrive at the state of original innocence.

They enrolled in the same freshman seminar, chatted on a field trip, pregamed for a school dance together, and then—on a night when they both claim they were more intoxicated than they had ever been before—they had sex.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last year—which include text message records, witness statements, a police report, and Occidental disciplinary notes—on Sept. When John made it back to his dorm, he launched a dance party in his room, and Jane stumbled in.

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