Mpd database not updating

MPD better: Jonathan, Emmanuel Fraisse, Stefan Maier, Ivan Yonov, Michael Lehner, Matthew, Stéphane Ardhuin.

And special thanks for those of you, who helped me find and fix bugs, add new features, find inspiration for new ones and make O!

MPD should never run as root, and you may use this option to make MPD change its user id after initialization.

The MPD screen is the main configuration page for the Music Player Daemon (MPD), the system responsible for audio playback.

Now we are going to setup an audio_output This step is optional, you can also choose to let mpd autodetect.

This specifies the user that MPD will run as, if set.The choices here will change depending upon the various "sound cards" you have available to your system.Typically, this list will contain all of the output devices native to your hardware, as well as any USB DACs you have connected. If you want to use a third-party device or software to control playback, you will need to connect to MPD on your Rune device using this port.Since my beautiful Raspberry Pi first arrived (and if you don't know what one is, then go click!) I had sunk a lot of time into trying to get it to work as a music server with the off-the-shelf media distributions like Raspbmc.

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