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This has happened to some of my friends before and the girls will always give some vague excuse.

It's scary because you can't really see it coming, it's like they wake up one morning and their feelings have changed. It's so scary to completely open up to someone because it leaves you more open to being hurt.

The Fear of Intimacy Scale (FIS) is a 35-item self-evaluation that can determine the level of fear of intimacy that an individual has.

This test can determine this level even if the individual is not in a relationship.

Sure, guys and girls do feel differently about certain things… In fact, when it comes to relationship stuff, males and females are actually surprisingly similar (we just don’t all express it the same way).

The things you worry about it when it comes to seriously dating someone are probably the same things your dude crush is worried about too. This Ask Men Reddit thread proves it’s true – and here you can read about 10 guys who reveal their biggest fears about relationships: Deandalecc: That I will wake up one day, look at her, and think ''Yeah I want none of that.'' and I'll be stuck between dealing with it or hurting an otherwise perfectly good woman because I changed my mind.

Fear of intimacy is generally a social phobia and anxiety disorder resulting in difficulty forming close relationships with another person.

The term can also refer to a scale on a psychometric test, or a type of adult in attachment theory psychology.

But after one serious heartbreak and hundreds of pounds spent on subscription fees, love still eludes her.‘In many ways, internet dating is a great way to meet people, but it’s such a whirlwind of highs and lows,’ she says.

It was found by Doi and Thelen that FIS correlated positively with confidence in the dependability of others and fear of abandonment while correlating negatively with comfort and closeness.

Also, it was determined that “[fe]males who were taught not to trust strangers consistently experienced greater fear of intimacy and more loneliness than did those who were not trained to distrust strangers”.

Fear of intimacy has three defining features: content which represents the ability to communicate personal information, emotional valence which refers to the feelings about personal information exchanged, and vulnerability signifying their regard for the person they are intimate with.

Bartholomew and Horowitz go further and determine four different adult attachment types: “(1) Secure individuals have a sense of worthiness or lovability and are comfortable with intimacy and autonomy; (2) preoccupied persons lack this sense of self-worthiness yet view others positively and seek their love and acceptance; (3) fearful people lack a sense of lovability and are avoidant of others in anticipation of rejection; (4) dismissing persons feel worthy of love yet detach from others whom they generally regard as untrustworthy”.

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