Heechul dating sulli

"Everyone, from reporters to friends, was asking if they were dating. '" Although he said Sulli texted him with a crying emoticon when the rumors she and Choiza were dating first exploded, the Super Junior singer claims he told her not to tell him anything, since he was shooting an episode of "Ssulzun" and didn't want to have to lie.

"I was added to the show during the 31st episode, and in the following episode, Sulli's scandal was the topic," Heechul said.

We know that you lot are quite like us on the idol stalker scale, we thought we’d compile a handy little list of all our fave idol users that you should totally be following on snapchat.

Celebs like Amber of f(x), Eric Nam and many more have taken to the app to give followers a glimpse into their everyday lives and even occasionally share exclusive tidbits about upcoming albums.

But is there hope for two souls from such very different worlds?

Jack thinks about the first time he met James, many years ago, when they were foolish children caught in their fathers' quarrel, when James almost drowned... He thinks about the second time they met, about the third, the fourth, and each time felt just like it was the first.

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