Drug related morbidity and mortality updating the cost of illness

This term should not be confused with mortality rate. Mortality is not a word used in general but is used only to refer to a situation where people in a population are dying because of a disease. Anantha Naik Nagappa, Department of Pharmacy Management, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal - 576 104, Karnataka, India.tailored to national and regional population needs, and secondly, through the early detection and treatment of non-communicable diseases using proven diagnostic and treatment technology, leading to reduced morbidity and mortality in this area.This has made it possible to reduce mortality from myocardial infarction, acute impairment of cerebral circulation and neglected cases of surgical pathology and to maintain the downward trend in overall morbidity in the district.

Out of 120 patients, 19 patients had observed 26 DRPs.

Drug-related problems (DRPs) are events involving drug therapy that actually or potentially interfere with desired health outcomes.[1] DRPs are prevalent and cause considerable patient morbidity and mortality, as well as increased healthcare cost.[2,3,4] Antidepressants are the third ranked therapeutic class in global pharmaceutical sales, totaling USD 17.1 billion and growing at a rate of 5% annually.[5] In addition to treating depressive disorders, antidepressant drugs are increasingly used to treat other illnesses, including anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and eating disorders.[6] In many cases, antidepressant drugs are used concurrently with other medications, thus exposing patients to potential harm owing to adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

Multimorbid patients are usually older, have more activity limitations, and present with more complex clinical pictures – rendering medical care a real challenge and going along with considerable cost (two-thirds of the overall healthcare expenditures).

In this connection, comorbidity is a term used by medical fraternity to refer to an instance where a person is suffering from two or more diseases at the same instant.

Morbidity rate is referred to the rate of incidence of a disease or the prevalence of the disease in a certain population.

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The PAC shared the participants' view that non-communicable diseases (NCD) constitute a major burden and challenge judged by the amount of preventable premature mortality and morbidity threatening economic and human development.

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