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The groups of four rotated until everyone participating in the event had met one another.

Anderson said that one of his main goal is “to see people step up into the leadership roles that are here on campus, because the current leaders on campus will soon graduate or will be graduating in short period of time.” He wants to inspire the non-leaders to become leaders and guide them into leaderships with other organizations as well.

in Gemmell 250, the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity held a speed-dating event.

The event was meant for students to come out and to bond with other students and possibly find their love matches.

It is a two panel sketched cartoon strip, with the design remaining the same and different text subs…

[ more ] This meme is laid out in a bit of a different format, running up and down instead of right to left.

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  2. If any daters share a mutual interest, she sends an email with their contact information. In the future, Brunet plans on organizing events around specific interests or groups, such religious faith and professionals.“It’s very effective and efficient,” Brunet said.